How did the Financial Ombudsman help? (2016 – 2020)


Mr Ziemowit Bagłajewski appointed as Deputy Financial Ombudsman

28 December 2021

As of 22 December 2021, Mr Ziemowit Bagłajewski was appointed as Deputy Financial Ombudsman.

Ziemowit Bagłajewski is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University and a lawyer with many years of experience. From 2015 to 2021, he pursued the profession of a lawyer, since 2012, he has been a member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Mr Bagłajewski has extensive experience in litigation, in particular in matters relating to the protection of the interests of clients of financial market entities.  He is an expert in the field of organisation and functioning of the financial market and legal regulations creating the environment for this market.

The newly appointed Deputy Financial Ombudsman will oversee the Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Division and the Administration and Finance Division in the Office of the Financial Ombudsman. Read more.

Dr Bohdan Pretkiel appointed as Financial Ombudsman

09 December 2021

On 7 December the Prime Minister, upon the motion of the minister competent for financial institutions, appointed Mr Bohdan Pretkiel as Financial Ombudsman. The term of the Financial Ombudsman is 4 years.

Dr Bohdan Pretkiel graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Law and Administration (WPIA) at the University of Warsaw (UW). He received his PhD degree with honors in the field of legal sciences from this university in 2018. He was also educated at the Vilnius University. Since February 2020, he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Department of Logic and Legal Argumentation). Since 2012 he has been teaching legal logic at WPIA UW. Author of papers, scientific articles and monographs. Read more.

The Financial Ombudsman files a claim against UNIQA S.A.

29 November 2021

The Financial Ombudsman filed a lawsuit against UNIQA TU S.A. insurer for using unfair market practices against clients purchasing the so-called costed Auto Casco variants. The Financial Ombudsman’s reservations concern the application of different criteria for estimating total and partial damage.

– As announced, we continue to file lawsuits against insurers offering unfair Auto Casco insurance terms. At the same time, we are in talks with those who have declared a voluntary change to the content of their contracts. I’m hoping that more insurers will join the latter group. This is also possible as part of a court settlement, says Prof. Dr. Habil. Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, the Financial Ombudsman. Read more.

Thanks to an emergency complaint of the Financial Ombudsman, a woman with a loan in Swiss francs will not lose the roof over her head

17 November 2021

The Financial Ombudsman filed an extraordinary complaint to the Supreme Court against the judgement issued in the case of a woman with a loan in Swiss francs. The District Court in Wrocław, which examined the case, failed to notice the abusiveness of the provisions of the loan agreement, and therefore – according to the Financial Ombudsman – did not assess it properly. Based on the court’s decision, the woman could lose the roof over her head as a result of bailiff enforcement, so the Financial Ombudsman also filed an application to suspend the enforcement of the judgement, which had already been granted by the court. Read more.

The final judgement in the “Alicja” loan case

9 November 2021

The Court of Appeal in Szczecin accepted the borrowers’ appeal and issued a final judgement concerning a PLN loan agreement. According to the court, the agreement concluded with PKO BP, under which the borrowers were granted the “Alicja” loan, is invalid in its entirety, and the bank must return the payments made in excess of the loan principal amount. The Financial Ombudsman joined this case at the request of the assigned ex officio attorney for one of the claimants. In the course of the proceedings the Financial Ombudsman presented, among other things, arguments concerning the abusiveness of many provisions of the agreement and, consequently, the invalidity of the entire contract. Read more.

The insurer undercompensated the farmer. The Financial Ombudsman files an extraordinary complaint.

8 November 2021

A southern farmer’s family lost their home and one of their outbuildings in a storm and resulting fire in July 2016. The insurer deducted the wear and tear of the buildings twice – first when entering into the insurance contract and then when calculating the amount of the loss. In this way, according to the Financial Ombudsman, he understated the payment due. The Courts deciding in this case have shared the insurer’s view. The Financial Ombudsman files an extraordinary complaint. Read more.