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An extraordinary appeal of the Financial Ombudsman in a dispute over car repair costs

8th of April 2021

The Financial Ombudsman brought another extraordinary appeal to the Supreme Court. This time he is fighting for the right to reconsider the dispute between the injured party and the insurer for over 11,000 PLN. The dispute concerns the payment of compensation equal to the cost of repairing the car, calculated by experts. The Financial Ombudsman informs that the aggrieved party has the right to do so even if the damaged car has not been repaired and sold.

– I decided to file an extraordinary appeal, because in this case we are dealing with an incorrect, and grossly, incorrect interpretation of the law. By adopting the approach presented by the District Court, the second instance court would also violate the constitutional principle of equality before the law. Therefore, the revocation of the judgment under appeal is necessary to ensure compliance with the principle of a democratic state ruled by law implementing the principles of social justice. The violations in the complaint are so serious that they order the Supreme Court to interfere with the res judicata by upholding the complaint, setting aside the judgment under appeal and referring the case for reconsideration – says Dr. Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, professor at the University of Łódź, Financial Ombudsman.

The dispute between the injured party and the insurer, in which the Financial Ombudsman filed an extraordinary appeal, concerns the effects of a car collision in April 2013. The insurer of the perpetrator decided that the repair of the victim’s car was not worth it. This means that its costs would exceed the value of the vehicle on the day of the damage, estimated at 20,800 PLN. Therefore, the insurer declared the so-called total loss, estimated the wrecked vehicle at 13,400 PLN and paid out 7,400 PLN in compensation… Read more.