International cooperation of the Polish Insurance Ombudsman

International cooperation of the Insurance Ombudsman office concerns in a first place the institutions of the European Union. It results mainly from the fact that such collaboration provides better protection of  clients of the insurance market. This institution was appreciated among European structures mainly thanks to its active participation in many initiatives. The Insurance Ombudsman  not only uses other people’s knowledge but also supports other countries offering its own experience. Since 2006 the office has been a members of FIN-NET network. In the beginning as the Arbitration Court and since 2009 also as the Insurance Ombudsman office. Above institution was established by the European Union in order to unify institutions of extrajudicial dispute resolutions between consumers and financial service providers.
FIN-NET network became especially important after the introduction of concept of unified financial market and the possibility to offer financial service/products in other Member States of the European Union. The fact that the principal office of a financial institution is located in different Member State than a client resides might cause some real  problems concerning the protection of consumer’s rights and prosecution of a claim. Cooperation between FIN-NET institutions aims to improve and strengthen the protection of consumers of the unified European market. Meeting of the FIN-NET takes place twice a year.
Since April 2009 the Insurance Ombudsman has been also a member of international organization associating all financial service ombudsmen –International Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes. The scope of its activity is much bigger than this of FIN-NET as it includes not only Europe but all the continents. Main cause for establishing this organization was the  development of effective methods of dispute resolution, especially through the exchange of information and experience between ombudsmen from all over the world. Additionally, INFSOS makes it  possible to transfer cases between members of the organization and provide consultation in cross-border cases. It improves the protection of clients who enter into agreements with institutions registered in other countries. Moreover, the activity of INFSOS makes it possible to increase the control over the financial organizations.

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