Structure of the Polish Insurance Ombudsman office

•    Department of Complaint and Intervention
•    Department of  Finance and Administration
•    Department of Education and Information
•    Legal department

Department of Complaint and Intervention

Chiefess: Magdalena Kudlak

Department of Complaint and Intervention consists of:
-    team dealing with insurance complaints
-    team dealing with pension complaints


-initiating proceedings concerning complaints in  individual cases,
- requesting information in individual cases,
- requesting  information or explanation in cases concerning unprofessional service of  policyholders or members of the pension funds,
- preparing  statistical data comparing complaints concerning the area of  insurances and    pension protection,
- giving policyholders, members of open pension funds and members of the pension plans for employees information about steps taken in a given case,
- providing  consumers with legal and free advice from the area of insurance, presenting their rights and the way they can be protected,
- preparing documents essential  to assert a claim for a case investigation or informing proper governmental institutions, especially Polish Financial Supervision

Authority, public prosecutor’s office or other entities of governmental control about the faultiness observed in the activity of insurance companies, pension funds or pension plans for employees.

- preparing summary of complaints, requests for case investigation and the telephone service of our experts,
- registration and organization of administrative issues of Insurance Ombudsman office concerning the complaints,
- making copies of materials essential for work of the Insurance Ombudsman and its office,
- organization of office service of the Department of Complaint and Intervention

Education and Information department

Office manager Krystyna Krawczyk,
Assistant director, legal advisor Aleksander Daszewski

Department of education and information includes:

- team dealing with information and media
- team dealing with education


- Information and education aiming to raise the awareness concerning the insurance issue among policyholders, members of open pension funds or members of pension plans for employees,
- Participation and representation of Insurance Ombudsman during different kinds of trainings, symposiums and conferences on the recommendation of the Insurance Ombudsman, the Insurance Ombudsman office manager or the assistant manager.
- Actualization and preparation of information published on the website,
- Conduction, initiation and coordination of research investigating the situation on the insurance and pension market,
- Collecting materials essential for the Insurance Ombudsman’ s work,
- Other committed tasks connected with the Insurance Ombudsman activity.

Law department

Coordinator, legal advisor: assistant manager Aleksander Daszewski

Law department consists of:
- team dealing with the analysis of the general insurance contract terms
- independent entity dealing with the office legal service
- independent entity dealing with the legislation
- independent entity dealing with the arbitration court issues
- independent entity dealing with the Insurance Council issues


•    inner legal service

- support concerning  legal issues connected with the functioning of the Insurance Ombudsman and its office.
- giving opinions and  participating in works concerning legal acts published by the Insurance Ombudsman, initiation of changes in normative acts which are in vigour in the Insurance Ombudsman office.
- analysis of legal problems connected with the functioning of  organizational entities which are essential for the Insurance Ombudsman to do its tasks.
- taking part in negotiations, preparation of contract specifications and agreements made by the Insurance Ombudsman
- giving opinions and legal advice and  explanations concerning application of law
- representing the Insurance Ombudsman in a court or other organ of governmental or local administration

•    legal actions connected with outside activity of the Insurance Ombudsman:

- assessment  of legal acts concerning insurances, pension funds and pension plans for employees,
-  taking part in legislative work,
- preparation of  draft motions which are later proposed to specific supervisory and control organs and other institutions of the insurance market,
- preparing draft motions which are later presented to the minister of financial institutions in cases concerning  compulsory insurances together with motions proposing amendments of acts regulating these insurances,
- giving opinions, advice and legal consultation as far as complaints and questions to the Insurance Ombudsman are concerned,
- supervision on general contract terms of insurance and preparing motions against these contract clauses that from the point of view of the Insurance Ombudsman seem unfavorable for policyholders etc.
- preparing draft motions to the Supreme Court in order to adopt a resolution aiming to explain legal provisions which lead to some divergences in jurisdiction
- support of educational and informative activity of the Insurance Ombudsman

•    inner organizational activities

- making accessible legal regulations, court rulings and sample contracts
- formal and legal service of the Insurance Ombudsman and meetings of the Insurance Council
- preparing reports from the meetings of the Insurance Council
- registering acts of the Insurance Council
- registering  inner acts, articles, proxies and authorizations
- organization and service of arbitration court

•   other activities ordered by the Insurance Ombudsman to provide legal support

Department of finance and administration

Supervision: the Insurance Ombudsman Halina Olendzka

Department of finance and administration consists of:

•    team dealing with human resources and administration

- organization of acts and personal matters of office employees,
- registering matters concerning entering and dissolving employment agreements ,
- organization and registration of salaries, premiums and fines,
- giving employment certificates,
- organization of social activity which is stated in legal regulations,
- organization of business trips of the Insurance Ombudsman and employees from the office,
- supply in materials and fixed assets,
- negotiation and entering into agreements with service providers and deliverers after the previous consultation with members of legal department (especially in case of more valuable agreements),
- supervision and realization of investigations and repairs,
- registration of fixed assets, software and materials etc.
- assuring that all devices and technical equipment work effectively,
- coordination of trainings and additional schooling for employees of the Insurance Ombudsman office,
- making employees familiar with safety law and fire orders,
- control of working conditions and making sure that safety law is complied,
- informing the employer about any defiance of the safety law,
- evaluation of the instruction concerning safety law,
- participation in investigation of  the circumstances and causes of accidents that occurred   at work place,
- collecting and storing papers mentioned in specific regulations,
- office service of the Insurance Ombudsman, especially gathering materials essential for work of the Insurance Ombudsman and its organizational units,
- documents’ registration.

•    independent account department


- work on accountancy rules,
- book keeping in accordance with the accountancy law,
- tax registration,
- representation of the Insurance Ombudsman office in tax office and National Insurance office,
- account analysis and  monitoring of the office finances,
- control of  payments and contact with the insurance companies in this matter,
- verification of statements of account and using them for preparation of reports of the insurer’s payments,
- supervision on the office property, course of inventory control and the financial activity,
- collecting papers determined by the accountancy act and other legal regulations,
- providing service from the area concerning financial operations of the Insurance Ombudsman and its office,
- preparation of reports,
- other tasks ordered by the Insurance Ombudsman from the area of finance.

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