The Foundation for Insurance Education

Founder of this institution is the Insurance Ombudsman appointed in 1995 as the effect of new act concerning insurance business. In order to understand the notion of the Foundation it is essential to say a few words about the Insurance Ombudsman. This person is appointed to represent the interest of policyholders and other subjects entitled to insurance benefit. Initiation and organization of  educational activity was indicated as one of four basic tasks of this institution.
First cadence of the Insurance Ombudsman was devoted to organizational work like creation of the institution, creation of operation model and the way the Insurance Ombudsman cooperates with other entities (not only these functioning on the insurance market like insurance companies and institutions of consumers’ protection).

As it turned out very quickly social need for this kind of public service is very big.  This fact is supported by a number of individual cases which are investigated by the Insurance Ombudsman ( nowadays about 8000 per year). To this number one should  add also all  telephone consultations and legal advice which is  provided by the office employees and experts from the institutions. Experience coming from the Insurance Ombudsman’s work and all that has been observed during  years of the functioning of the institution enables to distinguish the priorities of this organization which are now clearly stated.
The way in which the Foundation functions extends the capacity of the Insurance Ombudsman. Its office is financed in a very specific way by the insurance companies which every month pay some sum of money.

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