“Journal of Insurance, Financial Markets and Consumer Protection” (JoIN) is a leading Polish academic journal covering insurance issues with special focus on consumer protection on financial markets. Founded by Insurance Ombudsman (Rzecznik Ubezpieczeniowy) in 2006 it publishes research papers that stimulate dialogue between the financial institutions, public bodies and social partners. The aim of the periodical is also to provide a forum for wide debate on insurance and financial market topics for different groups of readers: researchers, lawyers, practitioners and financial services users. The journal is fully open access (publisher’s version in pdf) and its printed version is distributed free of charge.

Scientific areas covered by JoIN include:

  • insurance (social, life and non-life, insurance law, economic and social aspects of insurance),
  • financial markets – regulations, operation and supervision at both national and international level,
  • financial market developlment with special focus on products  offered to individuals (macro and micro analyses),
  • protection of financial services’ user,
  • financial literacy.

The journal is co-sponsored by Financial Ombudsman (Rzecznik Finansowy) and The Foundation of Insurance Education (Fundacja Edukacji Ubezpieczeniowej). Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education put “Rozprawy Ubezpieczeniowe” on the list B of scientific journals (not having Impact Factor but being a high-quality scientific periodical) with 7 points.