Registration of an entity

from the 27th October 2017 on terms of payment, amount and manner of calculation of the due payment to cover the cost of activities of Financial Ombudsman and his Office

§ 17. 1. Advance payments described in § 5-15 are paid by financial market entities:

1)      by the end of the quarter for which the advance payment is due to be paid – in case of advance payments for three first quarters of calendar year;
2)      until the 31st October of a given year – in case of advance payments for the last quarter of calendar year.

2. Advance payments described in § 5-15 are paid by financial market entities at bank account of Office of Ombudsman and the entities at the same time inform Ombudsman about the basis for payments’ calculation, the period they concern and their amount, in form of declaration, which specimen is defined by appendix no. 1 to the regulation.

3. Declaration is submitted in form of electronic document .

4. Entities shall use ICT system available at the internet website of Ombudsman in order to submit declaration. In order to obtain access to the system, entity submits to Ombudsman a written motion indicating persons authorised on its behalf to provide information to Ombudsman.

5. Ombudsman suspends submission of advance payments described in § 5-15, for the last quarter of a given calendar year, if the amount of submitted advance payments, after financial market entities paid advance payments for three first quarters of a given calendar year, will be higher than forecasted income to cover the planned costs of Ombudsman. 

6. In case as described in part 5, Ombudsman places information about suspending of submission of advance payments at his website.

7. The information is placed at the website of Ombudsman not later than 14 days before the deadline for submission of advance payments, as described in part 1 point 2.

8. Entity which established quarterly advance payment does not exceed the reminder costs, as described in the regulation issued on the basis of art. 15 § 4 of the Law from the 17th of June 1966 on administrative enforcement proceedings (Journal of Laws from 2017, item 1201, 1475 and 1954), submits declaration for a given quarter without the necessity to pay the advance payment to cover costs of activity of Ombudsman and its office.


Application: e-Deklaracje - 
In order to conduct registration, we kindly ask you to proceed as follows:
1.      register in the system e-Deklaracje
2.      print and fill in the authorisation form *
3.      send the authorisation in written form to the Office of Financial Ombudsman
Sending a scan of authorisation at the following e-mail address: ( will expedite the process of finishing registration. 

*Authorisation form is available at application’s bar

Bank account: Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
I Oddział w Warszawie

From the 1st of January 2017 every entity had oppened by us an individual bank account to pay at Financial Ombudsman (visible in the application e-Deklaracje in „entity data”)

Foreign insurance institution establishes the advance payment for the current quarter based on gross sums of premiums collected in the previous qauarter


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