Financial settlements with financial market entities

Office of Financial Ombudsman

Al. Jerozolimskie 87
02-001 Warsaw, Poland

Tax Identification Number (NIP) 525-15-66-173

Act of August 5,2015 concerning the investigation of complaints conducted by the financial market entities and the Financial Ombudsman ( Journal of Law 2015, item 1348) regulates the financing  of the Financial Ombudsman activity and the work of its office. The Act defines the entities which are obliged to finance the activity of Financial Ombudsman office. Among them are:

  1. Foreign insurance companies
  2. Investigation companies.

In case of costs beared by foreign insurance companies  their height is calculated on the basis of gross premium collected during the insurance activity conducted on the terrority of Poland.

Regulation of the Minister of Finance from the 27th October 2017 on terms of payment, amount and manner of calculation of the due payment to cover the cost of activities of Financial Ombudsman and his Office

Appendix to the regulation of Minister of Finance from the 27th October 2017


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