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30 May 2022
The Financial Ombudsman’s website in Ukrainian
22 April 2022
Online safety. Beware of cybercriminals!
21 April 2022
An illusory insurance contract to a loan. The court agreed with the Financial Ombudsman and ruled in favour of the borrower who was ill.
20 April 2022
The Financial Ombudsman will examine ‘click loans’
18 March 2022
Position of the Financial Ombudsman on the provision of banking and non-banking services and insurance products to refugees from Ukraine
17 March 2022
Motor third-party liability insurance
16 March 2022
School accident insurance
15 March 2022
Beware of quick loans.
15 March 2022
World Consumer Rights Day for Ukrainians
14 March 2022
Communication from the Financial Ombudsman in connection with the broadcast of an advertisement for short-term loans “Kapusta.24” in Ukrainian at Dworzec Zachodni (railway station) in Warsaw
01 March 2022
The Financial Ombudsman sums up the year in Swiss franc cases
22 February 2022
Questions and answers about compensation after windstorms
03 February 2022
Remember to take out a valid third-party liability insurance policy!
18 January 2022
The bank must give the commission back to the customers
14 January 2022
Important resolution of the Supreme Court upon the Financial Ombudsman’s motion
11 January 2022
Another step towards normalising the lending market. Victory for the Financial Ombudsman
28 December 2021
Mr Ziemowit Bagłajewski appointed as Deputy Financial Ombudsman
09 December 2021
Dr Bohdan Pretkiel appointed as Financial Ombudsman
29 November 2021
The Financial Ombudsman files a claim against UNIQA S.A.
17 November 2021
Thanks to an emergency complaint of the Financial Ombudsman, a woman with a loan in Swiss francs will not lose the roof over her head