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Communication from the Financial Ombudsman in connection with the broadcast of an advertisement for short-term loans “Kapusta.24” in Ukrainian at Dworzec Zachodni (railway station) in Warsaw

14 March 2022

The Financial Ombudsman has received indications of Miloan Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter also referred to as the company), operating under the commercial brand “Kapusta24”, offering consumer credit to persons coming from Ukraine. The advertising banner was placed in the vicinity of Dworzec Zachodni, and the proposed terms were said to be unfavourable, as indicated by the specified APR of 1993.51%.

The Financial Ombudsman, acting ex officio, asked the company’s management to clarify as a matter of urgency the content of the advertisement, the costs of the consumer credit presented in it and to send any information and documents relating to loans already granted on the advertised terms and conditions.

Notwithstanding the above, the Financial Ombudsman requested the Polish Association of Loan Institutions (PZIP), of which Miloan Polska sp. z o.o. is a member, to present the Association’s position on the subject. In particular, the Financial Ombudsman asked about the circumstances in which the advertisement placed at Dworzec Zachodni in Warsaw was created, whether PZIP had taken action against the Company in this case, and whether it had monitored the Company’s compliance with its declaration to remove the advertisement from public space.

As part of its statutory competence, the Financial Ombudsman will respond to any indications received in relation to financial services offered to Ukrainian citizens. In particular, this involves the verification of loan products to ensure that the terms and conditions of lending comply with current legislation.

The Financial Ombudsman is also one of the partners of the “We are all consumers” campaign participated by the following institutions: ECC, UOKiK, UKE, UKNF, UTK and UODO. The Financial Ombudsman will provide information in Polish and Ukrainian on consumer rights and obligations in the domestic financial market.


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